When two parties have a disagreement, they do not always stem from criminal actions. Sometimes one party will require a specific action from the other or they may require monetary payment from one party to the other, even though no crime has been committed. These types of disputes fall under the category of civil litigation. New York civil litigation attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq., offers civil litigation services with a dedication to ensuring her clients needs are met.

Understanding Civil Litigation

Civil litigation involves trials, hearings, arbitrations and mediations before courts and administrative agencies to achieve a satisfactory resolution to a disagreement that requires the specific action or monetary damages, but does not involve criminal sanctions. This can cover a large number of disputes, including contracts, real property, constitutional claims, matrimonial claims, civil rights litigation, real estate concerns, personal injury cases, and cases involving businesses and individuals. Article 78 proceedings, the proceedings used to appeal an agency decision, are also covered under civil litigation.

Often a New York civil litigation attorney will focus his or her practice on just one or two of these areas. Because she has over 20 years of experience, Attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber has the knowledge and skill necessary to help in all of these instances. Whether you have been injured, are in a disagreement with a New York business, have a contract to negotiate or have a real estate concern, you can trust Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq., to handle your case with the right level of care and skill.

Aggressive Representation from a New York Civil Litigation Attorney with a Personal Touch

When you hire Attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber for your civil litigation case, you benefit from working with a New York civil litigation attorney who is known for her toughness and commitment. She will work tirelessly for you to help you achieve a successful resolution of your case. She will keep you informed of the progress of your case, so you are never left wondering what is happening.

No matter what form of civil litigation you are facing, the right attorney can make the difference in your case. Choose the attorney who is committed to you, provides tough legal services and gives you the personal attention you deserve. That attorney is Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq. Contact her today to schedule your initial consultation.