Megan P. Smith, Esq.

Megan P. Smith, Esq. is an experienced litigator with over a decade of courtroom experience.  She has handled numerous matrimonial, orders of protection, custody and support matters.  She is a trained collaborative attorney and mediator.  Megan matches her knowledge of the law, courtroom evidence and procedure with her common sense and practical guidance to zealously advocate for her clients.  Client communication is a priority for Megan, and she believes in frequent and effective communication.  She consistently keeps her clients informed of the status of their cases as well as next steps.

Megan brings the same vigor and passion to Matrimonial and Family Law as she did to prosecuting criminals.  Megan began her career as an Assistant District Attorney in Yates County in 2011.  She was one of the youngest First Assistant District Attorneys in the State during her tenure there.  Megan then transferred to work for the District Attorney in Seneca County, advocating for victims of Domestic Violence, Child Abuse and other Violent Felonies.  In 2018, Megan P. Smith, Esq., moved to the Onondaga County District Attorney’s Office and worked in the Homicide, Special Victims and Narcotics Units.  Throughout her career, Megan has advocated for victims to give them a voice.  Megan conducted over 50 jury trials and 250 hearings as a time as an Assistant District Attorney.

Whatever your Family Law needs, Megan is the skilled trial attorney to assist you.  Call, or schedule a consultation here.