Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq. Can Help You Divorce Through The Collaborative Law Process

There are options to pursuing your separation and/or divorce that are less destructive than the more familiar court process. One of them is Collaborative Law.

Keeping Your Family Out of Court and Minimizing Adversity

The essence of Collaborative Law is the shared belief of the two divorcing spouses that it is in their best  and of their family to resolve their differences with minimal conflict.  In the Collaborative Law process both parties and their respective collaboratively trained attorneys work together in a series of meetings to settle the issues necessary to resolve their separation and divorce.  Syracuse lawyer Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq. is trained and prepared to help you protect what is most important to you and to get divorced using the Collaborative process.  Collaboration is accepted world-wide as an effective alternative to litigation for couples preferring to resolve issues of separation and divorce without going to court.

Benefits of Choosing the Collaborative Law:

  • privacy
  • the parties control the outcome of their divorce
  • preserves and protects your family and your financial resources
  • the Collaborative Law process takes less time and saves money


Control Your Outcome in Your Divorce

In the Collaborative Law process the parties agree to pursue a conflict resolution process that does not rely upon a court-imposed determination. The process relies instead on an atmosphere of complete honesty, cooperation, integrity, and utmost professionalism. As participants in the Collaborative process, the parties and their attorneys value protecting the privacy and dignity of all involved. When choosing the Collaborative Law process to resolve your separation and divorce you work for what you believe is the most constructive and acceptable agreement for both you and your family.

Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq. Will Guide Your Through

Lisa DiPoala Haber is trained in the Collaborative Law process. She is also a member of the CNY Collaborative Law Professionals and has formed important relationships with her colleagues in the field to effectively help guide you through divorce using the Collaborative process.  If you and your spouse agree to pursuing the Collaborative Law process, Lisa will provide you a list of the CNY Collaborative Law Professionals with contact information. In addition, if you have questions about the process, she would be happy to discuss them with you by phone.

Call Lisa DiPoala Haber, Esq. at (315) 426-1648.