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New York attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber is smart, tough, experienced and committed to the success of your case. Her practice areas include divorce, child custody and support, civil litigation, and appeals. She has handled both contested and uncontested divorces and cases involving alimony (also called “spousal support” or “maintenance”) and equitable distribution, as well as child custody and child support petitions.  Attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber also handles related issues, such as  enforcement and modification of post-divorce judgments, including enforcement and modification of custody, visitation and child support, and enforcement of spousal maintenance awards.  In civil litigation, Lisa DiPoala Haber Esq. has represented both businesses and individuals  in cases involving contract disputes, real property, constitutional claims and more.  At the appellate level, she has represented clients in family court appeals, federal court appeals, and New York state court appeals.  Let Lisa’s 26 years of experience work for you.

Lisa DiPoala Haber Esq.: Divorce and Child Custody and Support

shutterstock_19731889Often, many divorce-related issues, such as child custody and support, can be handled in non-adversarial processes like negotiation or mediation. Attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber believes that these non-adversarial resolution processes can benefit her clients because they can be less costly, both financially and emotionally, and less time consuming than a courtroom battle.   Frequently, divorce cases can be settled without going to trial through negotiations between attorneys and their clients.  Lisa will be well prepared with her knowledge of the law and your case.  She will be ready to put you in the best position to reach a favorable settlement of your case through skilled negotiations.  If an agreement cannot be reached through negotiations, be assured that Lisa is fully prepared to fight for your interests in court before the judge or jury.

Attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber: Civil Litigation and Appeals

shutterstock_229964224Like divorce and child custody and support cases, civil litigation matters sometimes may be settled through negotiations or mediation. If these alternatives aren’t feasible, attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber will vigorously pursue your case in court.  Lisa will draft the necessary pleadings for your lawsuit. During the discovery phase, attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber will get information from all of the parties, prepare interrogatories, conduct depositions, obtain witness statements, and hire expert witnesses, if needed, to strengthen your case.  She is an experienced and tough litigator in the courtroom and has the skills necessary to present a compelling case to the judge or jury.  Attorney Lisa DiPoala Haber believes that it is important to work closely with her clients during the discovery, pre-trial, trial and post-trial phases. Throughout each phase of the legal process, Lisa collaborates with you to develop the best strategy and reach the best resolution for you.  In the event that the outcome is not favorable, she will be ready to file an appeal on your behalf.   The appellate process is much different  than the trial stage of litigation.  Through her firsthand experience working at an appellate court and also in representing clients on appeal, Lisa knows how it works.  She knows how to perform the  necessary legal research, write a strong appellate brief, and to present the best and most persuasive arguments to the court on appeal.  Lisa will be committed to your case until the end.